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2023 Winners


Section 1

1st Place: Aiden Shi

2nd Place: Jason Huang 

3rd Place: Leia Wang

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Laudenslager

Section 2

1st Place: Dyan Li

2nd Place: Eelis Suh

3rd Place: Ellie Shin

Honorable Mention : Andy Wan

Section 3

1st Place: Jessica Wang 

2nd Place: Christian Kwon

3rd Place: Lawrence Chen

Honorable Mention: Jordan L

Section 4

1st Place: Peter Noh

2nd Place: Oliver Liu

3rd Place: Alex Zhang 

Honorable Mention: Ryan Lee

Section 5

1st Place: Luke Lee

2nd Place: Tabitha Tio

3rd Place: Amadeus Wilmoth

Honorable Mention: Chloe Shen

Section 6

1st Place: Benjamin Oh

2nd Place: Claire Luo

3rd Place: Adrienne Tran

Honorable Mention: Shannon Lane, Ialy Liu, Nathan Liu, Andy Zeng

Section 7

1st Place: Mozhan Afagh

2nd Place: Patrick Cheng

3rd Place: Kate Ha

Section 8

1st Place: Emily Chang

Section 9

2nd Place: Grace Peng

3rd Place: Allison Oh

Honorable Mention: Joseph Vu

Section 10

1st Place: William Li

Honorable Mention: Ema Terada

Section 11

1st Place: Ethan Chen

2nd Place: John McPhie

Honorable Mention: Timothy Tan, Richard Xie

Violin Section 1

1st Place: Ceilia Zhang

2nd Place: Sofia Yu

3rd Place: Emily Luo

Honorable Mention: Alissa Wu

Violin Section 2 

1st Place: MeWa Liao

2nd Place: Michelle Huo

3rd Place: Ryan Noda

Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Yu, Amber Wang

Violin Section 3

1st Place: Natalie Xu

2nd Place: Wesley Tsai

3rd Place: Abigail Chung

Honorable Mentions: Adam Liu

Violin Section 4

1st Place: Aaron Liu

2nd Place: Caleb Fong

3rd Place: Matthew Martono

Honorable Mentions: Aston Kim

Violin Section 5 

1st Place: Samantha Low

2nd Place: Ryan Lin

3rd Place: Nyansu Chen

Viola Section 2: 

2nd Place: Jinu Kang

2nd Place: Aarav Sharma

3rd Place: Leo Lo

Cello Section 1

2nd Place: Mia Mezo

Cello Section 2

1st Place: Jeremiah Ming

2nd Place: Ryan Kim

3rd Place: Joe Yu

Honorable Mention: Lioma Quoit Minematsu

Cello Section 3

1st Place: Kathryn Loutzenheiser

2nd Place: Jeremey Kang

Honorable Mentions: Woojin Oh

Cello Section 4

Honorable Mention: Sophia Wong, William Reynolds

Chamber Music Section 1

1st Place: Mia Mezo, Oliver Lee

Chamber Music Section 3

1st Place: Adam Liu, Kevin Wu, Wayne Wang

2ns Place: Luke Lee, Nathan Cho, Lucas Kim 

Chamber Music Section 4

1st Place: Kevin Zhang, Minji Choi, Natalie Kwok

2nd Place: KariAnn Chien, Bryan Tseng, Joshua Lee

3rd Place: Maiya Kothari, Caleb Fong, Alyssa Snow

Honorable Mention: Bethany Kim, Victoria Chun,
Lydia Kang, Isaac Chun

Chamber Music Section 5

Honorable Mention: Eileen Lee, Nathan Hwang, Nathan Parklee, Bryan Tseng


Section 1 Flute 

1st Place: Chloe Park

2nd Place: Qianer Cheng

3rd Place: Ellie Kim

Honorable Mention: Ariel Kang

Section 2 Flute

1st Place: Kaya Baird

2nd Place: Jocelyn Huang

3rd Place: Ziling Cheng

Honorable Mention: Addison Kim, Euna Kim, Sarah Feigenbaum, Lyric Huang

Section 3 Flute

1st Place: Canfei You

2nd Place: JingYu Li

Honorable Mention: Angela Wang

Section 4 Flute

1st Place: Amanda Lee

2nd Place: Christine Chung

3rd Place: Quyue Yu

Honorable Mention: Tiantian Yu, Jonathan Lim

Section 1 Clarinet

1st Place: Ava Kwon

Section 2 Clarinet

1st Place: Brenda Guo

2nd Place: Hayoon Lee

3rd Place: Annabelle Baek

Honorable Mention: Eric Choi, Gemma Yun

Section 3 Clarinet

1st Place: Lydia Kang

2nd Place: Sejin Byun

3rd Place: Doyoon Lee

Honorable Mention: Seongwon Jang, Andrea Lin

Section 4 Clarinet 

1st Place: Isaac Hui

2nd Place: Matthew Kim


2022 Winners


Section 1

1st Place: Leon Park

2nd Place: Dylan Li

3rd Place: Kanako Iwasaki

4th Place: Wenjing Liu

Honorable Mention: Catherine Sun, Khloe Zhang

Section 2

1st Place: Jordan Lin

2nd Place: Caleb Lee

3rd Place: Sean Tran 

Honorable Mention : Jessica Wang

Section 4

1st Place: Amelia Chang 

2nd Place: Xiaoyu Zhao

3rd Place: Grace Lam 

Honorable Mention: Oliver Liu, Andy Zeng 

Section 5

1st Place: Emma Chen

2nd Place: Aaron Ko

3rd Place: Ialy Liu

Honorable Mention: Kate Chang, Adrienne Tran, Benjamin Oh​

Section 6

Honorable Mention: Karen Suzuki

Section 7

1st Place: Emily Chang 

3rd Place: Claire Yu

Honorable Mention: Audrey Park

Section 8

1st Place: Allison Oh

2nd Place: Joseph Vu

Section 9

2nd Place: Kiera Wong

Section 10

1st Place: Chloe Nguyen

Honorable Mention: Timothy Tran,  Ema Terada

Section 11

1st Place: Michael McPhie

2nd Place: Ethan Chen 

3rd Place: Joshua Kim

Honorable Mention: Jason Yang


Violin Section 1

1st Place: Ritaro Iizuka

2nd Place: Amber Shi

3rd Place: Jeongwon Kim 

Violin Section 2 

1st Place: George Na

2nd Place: Anna Shung 

3rd Place: Magnolia Liu 

Honorable Mentions: Victoria Shung, Xindi Wang 

Violin Section 3

1st Place: Minji Choi 

2nd Place: Seaena Kim 

Honorable Mentions: Wesley Tsai, Tian Jin 

Violin Section 4

Honorable Mentions: Ryan Lin, James Eastmond 

Violin Section 5 

2nd Place: Jaemin Song 

Viola Section 3: 

Honorable Mentions: Eireen Lu 

Viola Section 4

1st Place: Kara Wong 

3rd Place: Anne-Sophie Kim

Cello Section 1

1st Place: Zoe Yu 

2nd Place: Phoebe Kensicki

Cello Section 2

1st Place: Duhan Li 

2nd Place: Ayane Matsuzaki

3rd Place: Alisa Yunfei Huang 

Cello Section 3

1st Place: Isaac Shung 

2nd Place: Seojun Baek 

3rd Place: Anabelle Chantana

Honorable Mentions: Bernard Zhang, Austen Cheng 

Cello Section 4

1st Place: Mattea Kim 

2nd Place: Daniel Goo 

3rd Place: Joseph Ho

Cello Section 5

Honorable Mention: Annabelle Su

Chamber Music Section 1

1st Place: Bridge Piano Trio (Chamber Music OC)

2nd Place: Mozart String Quartet (Studio of Chloe Yoon) 

3rd Place: Hadyn Piano Trio (Chamber Music OC)

Chamber Music Section 2

1st Place: Beethoven String Quartet

2ns Place: Sgambatti Piano Quintet

Classical Guitar

Section 1 Solo 

No Prize 

Section 2 Solo 

1st Place: Darius Lee

2nd Place: Kathan Law

3rd Place: Dallas Pak 

Honorable Mention: Victoria Wang 

Section 3 Solo 

1st Place: Mani Afagh

2nd Place: Edge Woodruff

3rd Place: Matthew Van 

Honorable Mention: Veronica Howard, Kaden Hoot, Cynthia Liu 

Section 4 Solo 

1st Place: Calvin Junsay 

2nd Place: Matteo Paz

3rd Place: Vincent Tran 

Honorable Mention: Grant Gillen 

Section 5 Solo

1st Place: Gabrielle Gillen

Section 5 Chamber

1st Place: Gillen Quartet

Section 1 Flute 

1st Place: Sarah Feigenbaum

2nd Place: Lucia Yu

3rd Place: Chloe Park 

Section 2 Flute

1st Place: Baird Kaya

2nd Place: Jocelyn Huang

Section 3 Flute

1st Place: Christine Chung 

2nd Place: Ouyue Alice Yu

3rd Place: Ye-Ju Kim 

Honorable Mention: Amy Choe 

Section 4 Flute

1st Place: Cassie Kao

2nd Place: Vivian Lee

3rd Place: Tiantian Jessica Yu

Honorable Mention: Janice Yoon 

Section 1 Clarinet

1st Place: Hayoon Lee

Section 2 Clarinet

2nd Place: Seungjoon (Ryan) Sohn

Section 5 Saxophone 

1st Place: James McDonough


2021 Winners


Piano I

1st Place: Claire Chen

2nd Place: Claire Yunha Nah

3rd Place: Jessica Wang

Honorable Mention: Caleb Lee, Helen Zou, Dylan Li, Mia Mezo

​Piano II

1st Place: Jessie Long

2nd Place: Oliver Liu

3rd Place: Ruihai Wang

Honorable Mention: Yoyo Cao, Murdock Wu, Hannah Hsiao, Saura Charlu​

Piano III

1st Place: Kaitlyn Zheng

2nd Place: Leyan Yang

3rd Place: Amelia Chang

Honorable Mention: Tonia Yuan, Clara Soto

​Piano IV-A

1st Place: Zoey Chang

2nd Place: Miles Wong

3rd Place: Alexander Yu

Honorable Mention: Sophia Sun, Oliver Chow, Emma Chen​

Piano IV-B

1st Place: Ethan Lou

2nd Place: Benjamin Oh

3rd Place: Riley Khin

Honorable Mention: Aaron Ko, Tabitha Tio

​Piano V

1st Place: Sota Higa

2nd Place: Daniel Xie

3rd Place: Alex Li

Honorable Mention: Emma Brull, Claire Luo

​Piano VI

1st Place: Allison Oh

2nd Place: Avril Zhang

3rd Place: Claire Huang

Honorable Mention: Claire Yu

​Piano VII

1st Place: Sofia Flores-Castro

2nd Place: Anika Chen

3rd Place: Junlin Zhuang

Honorable Mention: Joseph Vu,Georgiana Crowell, Hannah Xie​

Piano VIII

1st Place: Calene Lee

2nd Place: Ke Yuan

3rd Place: Kyle Yoon​

Piano IX

1st Place: Ethan Chen

2nd Place: Amber Yeung

3rd Place: Joshua Qin

Honorable Mention: Timothy Tan​

Piano X-A

1st Place: Claire Tu

2nd Place: Christopher Cung

3rd Place: Ashley Dixon

Honorable Mention: Chole Nguyen​

Piano X-B

1st Place: Junyi Zhong

2nd Place: Joshua Kim

3rd Place: Ema Terada​

Piano XI-A

1st Place: Michael McPhie

2nd Place: Aaron Yoon

3rd Place: Zechariah Cheng

Honorable Mention: Samuel Wahlstrom​

Piano XI-B

1st Place: Carolyn Tran

2nd Place: Matthew Hsu

3rd Place: Jonathan Kim​


Violin I 

1st Place: Damon Ko

2nd Place: Kenshin Iwasaki

Violin II

1st Place: Cayla Kim

2nd Place: William Lin

3rd Place: Wesley Tsai

Violin III

1st Place: Aaron Liu

2nd Place: Elina Miyato

3rd Place: Audrey Rowen Lee

Violin IV

1st Place: Rubi Lee

2nd Place: Jaden Kim

3rd Place: Rebecca Liu-from Eunhee Kim's Studio​

Violin V2nd Place: Laura Stoi

Viola III 

2nd Place: Annabelle Jin

3rd Place: David Shim

Viola IV 

3rd Place: Kara Wong

Cello I 

1st Place: Jasper Ji

2nd Place: Joe Yu

Honorable Mention: Mia Mezo

Cello II 

1st Place: Anastasia Catanus

2nd Place: Ayane Matsuzaki

Honorable Mention: Amy Song

Cello III

1st Place: Ria Eguchi

2nd Place: Herny Hong

3rd Place: Anne Takagi

Cello IV

1st Place: Kayleen Kim

3rd Place: Eric Feng

Cello V

1st Place: Caden McCarthy

Chamber II

2nd Place: Lachner Trio- Matthew Martono, Sofia Kouwabunpat, Fiona Kouwabunpat​

Chamber III

1st Place: Brahms Clarinet Quintet- Isabel Hahn, Amy Lee, Jonathan Speiser, Erin Jeon, Isaac Yoon ​


Clarinet IV

1st Place: Isaac Yoon

Flute I 

1st Place: Kaya Baird

2nd Place: Jocelyn Huang

Honorable Mention:Sarah Feigenbaum, Lucia Yu

Flute II

1st Place: Amy Choi

2nd Place: Riley Kim

Flute III

1st Place: Christine Chung

2nd Place: Vivian Lee

3rd Place: Emma Lee

Honorable Mention: Maia Choe, Katie Li

Flute IV

1st Place: Dayoon (Jamie) Lee

2nd Place: Amanda Lee

3rd Place: Ashley Park

Oboe II

1st Place: Ahri Shin

2nd Place: Haim Kwon


Classical Voice III

1st Place: Jaehyung Yoo

2nd Place: Yewon Jang

3rd Place: ChenChen Su

Classical Voice IV

1st Place: Nakshatra Srinivasan

2nd Place: Emmett Eilers  

Classical Voice VI

2nd Place: Annelise Hermsen

​​Musical Theater I

1st Place: Lily Larsen

2nd Place: Wynona Prawira

3rd Place: Madison Jones 

Honorable Mention: Bradley Yu

Musical Theater II 

1st Place: Rina Nelson

2nd Place: Alice Baik 

Musical Theater III

1st Place: Sophia Kang

2nd Place: Dylan Panetta 

Musical Theater IV

1st Place: Brandon Lee 

Musical Theater V

1st Place: Adam Cox


Classical Guitar I

1st Place:  Kathan Law

Classical Guitar II 

1st Place: Kaden Hoot

2nd Place: Victor Sanchez

3rd Place: Edward Liu

Honorable Mention: Jason Yu, Grady Gillen​

Classical Guitar III 

1st Place: Calvin Junsay

2nd Place: Nathan Park

3rd Place: Jennifer Huang

Honorable Mention: Grace Gillen, Dashel Levin 

Classical Guitar IV

1st Place: Natalie Leminh

2nd Place: Aretha Li

3rd Place: Vincent Tran

Honorable Mention: Ethan Borsari, Liv Hirabayashi

Classical Guitar V

No awards granted in this section.​

Guitar Chamber II

1st Place: Kaden Hoot & Ethan Hoot

Guitar Chamber III

1st Place: Bianca Sanchez, Cianna Gonzalez, Brianna Gonzalez, Tatiana Bettis & Mishca Cayetano

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